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Marnie's began her career in the mid 90s with a print advertising Blue Chip in the UK. Over two decades, seeing the evolution from print to digital, through lens of contact with thousands of SMEs, she became passionate about the development of tech and saw how it impacted on people's lives. 

Having missed opportunities in previous big tech booms, Marnie saw huge opportunity for a new path when introduced to the crypto space in February 2021 by a group of DLT enthusiasts in Bali. Her learning curve has been fast, furious and majorly propelled by the thrill of being part of a revolutionary subculture - as it goes mainstream; one ecosystem, one DApp, one meme, one game, one Punk at a time. 

Marnie is an enthusiastic crypto investor with specific interest in Defi, NFTs, and gaming.

The foundation of a structured work culture, and business and communication skills has transferred into alternative industries that includes theatre production and tour management, music events, travel, and wellness. At home and internationally. 

She says that being invited to work with Crypto Recruit and explore the crypto industry from a professional angle is almost as cosmic as the space itself.

Marnie looks forward to developing lifelong relationships with dream projects throughout the space, and also helping to find candidates their dream jobs.

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