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Paulius first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, but like so many didn’t take any action as it wasn’t explained to him. Bitcoin kept popping up in the years to follow and subconscious bias kicked in early 2017 when so many were making money. Bitcoins mantra of - “Banking the unbanked”, and the ability to shift power balance back to the people resonated with him. Paulius spent a year learning and reading up about the technology behind BTC which resulted in him establishing Canberra Blockchain Centre early 2018. He has taken it upon himself to promote newly established not-for profit association, manage events and workshops to inform the community about the good, the bad and the ugly of this fascinating technology.
Previous experience in event management provided Paulius with the opportunity to utilize his strong communication skills and get involved in business development and project management. Over the last few years, he has worked with multiple start-ups and local government. Paulius has delivered presentations and organized large scale events. He has organized and lead round table discussions between government organizations, not for profits and businesses. As a central source of many networks, he was often asked to connect businesses with employees and vice versa which lead him to Cryptorecruit to utilise the natural skill to further his professional development.