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After 25 years working around the world as a Human Resources exec, Shane understands better than most the importance to business of attracting and retaining the right people. Shane is a keen follower of all things business and finance so came across Bitcoin early but his formal education in Economics made him a natural sceptic. Eventually curiosity got the better of him and his 2016 New Years resolution was to “understand Bitcoin and Blockchain” and by mid 2017 he and was both a total convert and an investor. He is now a passionate advocate of the transformational power of Blockchain Technology and Crypto and is excited by the enormous potential of businesses operating in this space.

Shane strongly believes that the projects/companies that emerge as the big success stories in coming years will be the ones that make attracting and retaining the very best people a priority and this is why he joined CryptoRecruit. He wants to play a part in growing these businesses and taking Blockchain/Crypto mainstream.

His skills, experience and global networks enable him to quickly assess and understand the needs of both businesses and candidates and match them to deliver genuine win/win outcomes.

You can reach Shane on