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Sherry is focused on acquiring new business in the United States.  She graduated from University of Maryland-College Park with degree in Economics and Psychology.  Before becoming a US partner at Cryptorecruit she had executive recruiting experience with Deloitte, SAP, and Aflac. Sherry is extremely well connected in the Silicon valley blockchain circle and serves as a part-time host for many blockchain conferences. 


区块链猎头肖是硅谷科技圈知名猎头。她曾担任德勤,爱思普,美国家庭人寿保险的科技猎头,深入了解区块链行业人才招聘需求。同时,她也是多场区块链大会的主持人与记者,是个成功的专注区块链人才,科技动向的自媒体人。Sherry现在是Crypto Recruit的负责美国业务的合伙人,如果您有招聘需求,请联系微信xll634220732或者邮件。