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Spencer is a news and markets junkie who’s always been interested in understanding how the world economy operates. He studied international economics and trade at UCI, interned at a hedge fund before graduating, and later worked as a precious metals investment advisor in Southern California. He found recruiting as a way to utilize both his communication skills and knowledge of financial and technical concepts to help secure top talent for growing companies. 


Bitcoin always was intriguing to him due to its limited supply and monetary properties similar to gold. He was lucky enough to catch on early, but foolish enough to sell a few months later with a modest profit. After losing interest for a few years, he decided to jump back headfirst in the industry by joining the Dash Core Team as Global Recruiter in the fall of 2017. 


Spencer offers clients an honest and hardworking hiring partner to represent your organization and help grow your teams effectively. He is passionate about sound money and the benefits that cryptocurrencies and decentralization have to offer, and enjoys meeting and talking with other likeminded individuals. Joining CryptoRecruit just made sense, combining his passion for crypto and skills in recruiting to provide the highest level of service to his clients and candidates. 


You can contact him at spencer@cryptorecruit.com