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Front-end Blockchain Developer (Remote)

  • Date: 10/02/2020
  • Salary:
  • Location: NEW YORK
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time

Get involved as a Front-end in the expansive industry that is Blockchain technology.You will Build/Design user interface and Connect UI to REST API.

This exciting Blockchain startup is the first intelligence protocol that makes the blockchains human-readable. It aims to respond to the lack of transparency of the blockchains’ data due to their inherent structure To solve this fundamental problem, we are building the protocol that indexes all the transactions per entity occurring on public blockchains. Our mission is to bring more transparency to the blockchain ecosystem while building trust and accountability across the crypto market in the process.

This startup is looking for a Front-end Developer to help us with developing our product.

Main responsibilities:
- Build User Interface, and Design User Experience to address specific use cases
- Connect the UI to our REST API

- JavaScript (reactjs, ...)
- Previously worked on financial products, and high-traffic websites
- Savvy in Distributed systems - 2-5 years’ experience