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Senior Backend Developer & Team Leader

  • Date: 03/04/2019
  • Salary:
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time

This will be a senior role and you will be in charge of 2-3 other developers, with programming skills ranging from complete beginner to expert.

Role Overview:
  • Fine tune our crowdsale website and implement desired improvements to it
  • Help us support additional cryptocurrencies as payment methods
  • Assist in building a robust, secure and scalable cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Coordinate other technical staff and modify systems to improve efficiency in the development process

Technical Skills & Expectations:
  • Have expertise in Python, Django, Celery and most of the following technologies: Amazon Web Services, Postgresql, Docker
  • Be highly skilled in Linux command line
  • Be competent at coordinating projects with multiple developers through Git/Github
  • Understand server security, and be able to create websites which are resistant to intrusion
  • Have a general understanding of cryptocurrency sufficient enough to integrate it into a website (ie - be able to set up a node server, use a command line wallet)
  • Confident communicator who can effectively brief management on the status of tasks, and take action to meet deadlines and the evolving needs of the project

Team Leader Skills:
  • Be a public face for the project 
  • Act as a mentor for other technical staff, helping them learn and improve as developers
  • Confidently help manage the overall technical aspects of the project, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of the platform