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How else Can Cryptorecruit help your project?

KOL’s Crypto Influencer Networking

As the first specialist agency in the Crypto space over the years, Cryptorecruit has built up strong relationships with tier 1, 2 and 3 Crypto influencers across the space. If you are looking to garner large reach for your crypto project then please get in touch for a confidential discussion.

Fund Raising

Are you a Crypto Project looking to raise funds? As a result of our extensive networks across the crypto landscape, Cryptorecruit are uniquely positioned to put new projects in touch with potential investors in the space including our own personal network of Crypto investors.

Cryptorecruit are in the unique position of having strong relationships across the spectrum of crypto from defi, Blockchain gaming, layer 1 and 2 solutions, NFT’s etc. To hear more about this service please send us a confidential message.

Candidate Marketplace

If you are looking to hire staff for your Crypto/Blockchain project then this feature will give you a small sample of our candidates across a range of different disciplines. Have a browse through a some of what we have on file and please reach out to the relevant consultant for more information on the selected profile.

Candidate Marketplace

General Advisory on Talent Specifically within Crypto

Our consultation will generally follow the below guidelines along with any specific questions you have. Price is $300 USD for a 1 hour consultation:

  • The current state of the market?
  • Which roles are in the most demand?
  • How does this demand change over time?
  • What is driving candidates decision making process?
  • Indicative Salaries by discipline
  • Some general tips on how to attract talent
  • AOB
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