Data Scientist - Blockchain Intelligence

  • Date: 27 Jun 2024
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
The company is seeking a Data Scientist to build with us and our community. Come contribute to our growing body of tools, research, and IP that make blockchain and crypto data more accessible.

Who You Are

�� You love data and stats. You know some formal statistics, ML, and data exploration techniques, even better if you’ve done network analysis.

�� You love crypto and DeFi, know the difference between hodling, staking, and yield farming, and you have used both Ethereum and other chains.

��‍�� You are self-directed. You are insatiably curious. You can be counted on to work through a project, commit and go deep while seeking help when you need it, and propel it forward without hand-holding.

�� You are fastidious and meticulous in your work. You will put in the time to make an order from chaos. You’ve looked into the eye of Sauron and lived to make a graph. You don’t mind doing the “grunt work” to build up to the full picture, or go as low as it takes? Muckraking? More like fun-making.

�� You're creative and you aren't afraid to be wrong.

❄️ You are super comfortable in SQL-like databases (we use Snowflake)

®️ You are intimately familiar with R for analysis, exploration, and model-building. And you have an opinion about data. table vs dplyr. Python is OK too, but we have a lot of R code, so you need to be comfortable there.

��️‍�� You take pride in your code. It's readable, functional, and reproducible. You commit regularly for all the right reasons.

��‍�� You can describe a complex problem (or solution) in a way that doesn't put people to sleep and doesn't leave them scratching their heads.

What You'll Work on

Work directly with the company's community, our internal analytics & data platform teams.

Collaborate with other data scientists and analysts to explore, visualize, and validate our data.

Work closely with our marketing team to share what we learn with the world, and educate anyone who wants to learn more.

Support the efforts of our product teams to help transform our apps into more data-driven, web3-connected, powerful experiences for our growing base of thousands of users.

Desired Experience

Experience with Crypto/Blockchain is a requirement.

Prior experience as an analyst or data scientist, working directly with database-level data, whether formally or self-taught.

At least 2 years in a formal data science role, ideally working primarily in R

Experience working with product & marketing teams, developers, and data engineers

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