Discord Community Moderator in a Metaverse project

  • Date: 14 Nov 2022
  • Location: Sydney
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
Community Moderators are not only there to moderate and keep our community friendly and welcoming but they also get to be a voice for our community. Ensuring the community are both heard and that their feedback and suggestions are seen by the rest of the company. As a Discord Community Moderator, you will moderate and maintain Discord chat and issues as they come through Discord and sometimes other applications. Using appropriate channels to document this information is also important so it may be shared with the rest of the company. This role calls for friendly and outgoing individuals with a community mindset and someone who’s familiar with the in’s and out’s of Discord. You’ll be responding to comments, messages and helping create and continue the positive conversation, and working with other areas of the company to provide our community feedback.
Key Responsibilities

Moderate chat in Discord, removing comments, muting, and banning members and bots if needed to ensure the whole community has a welcoming place to chat.
Find fixes to various issues/bugs that are brought up in messages and channels.
Joining our community in friendly conversation, even if it’s not directly tied to our software.
Maintaining the discord itself. (Roles, channels, threads, etc.)Document and share feedback/bugs from our community channels.
Communicate with other areas of the company to ensure our community's feedback is heard and bugs/issues are known and being addressed.
Attend meetings to discuss feedback and ways to constantly improve our responsiveness to our community 

Ideal Skills

Alert and responsive as discord chat is quick and always happening at the moment, when something comes up that should be removed it should be removed as soon as possible.
An understanding of customer service or community representation.
Experience with Discord.Ability to multitask and stay organized through multiple channels of communication
Good communication and writing skills
Adaptive and innovative to constantly improve our community environment and responsiveness. 

Bonus Skills

Experience with video games, even just as a hobby. 

To hear more about this role you can :

1. email - neil@cryptorecruit.com

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