gm/DAO - Blockchain Intelligence

  • Date: 27 Apr 2024
  • Location: NEW YORK
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
The future is increasingly open-source software protocols managed as decentralized organizations.
These organizations are the size and scale of large public companies but don't have dedicated teams or resources in order for them to interact with the real world.
To immerse in this journey, the company summoned and instigated our first decentralized organization, MetricsDAO, which aligns analysts across all data platforms to deliver metrics, growth, and retention for DAOs for the long term.
The company sees similar opportunities to develop other service-based decentralized organizations, where we provide our technology, our tools, our community, and our expertise to bring together the best talent for vertical service DAOs around governance, marketing, and data.
The company is seeking a gm/DAO to advance the construction, deployment, enablement, and decentralization of summoned DAOs.
The right individual will be accustomed to working at leadership team-levels of organizations. They will be able to move from strategic thinking to execution and will be responsible for a dedicated team, while also mobilizing various aspects of the company's resources. The gm/DAO will be responsible for enabling the continued decentralization of MetricsDAO while spearheading the activation of multiple future DAOs.
  • Develop strategic evaluation criteria for launching DAOs, and work with leadership and other team members to clarify business rationale use cases.
  • Recruit and manage a team of individuals who are solely responsible for the launch of DAOs; this includes identifying external resources to ultimately govern DAOs
  • Manage budgeting criteria for the company's IP delivery to DAOs
  • Oversee legal constructs for effective decentralization after an initial relationship with the company.
  • Work closely with consultants and team members on tokenization frameworks
  • Communicate transparently across the company to ensure the organization is aligned and aware of all activities, goals, and objectives
  • Be responsible for the successful decentralization of multiple DAOs
  • Deep experience within blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations; Web3 nativity is critical
  • Executive-level activities: self-starter, responsible, good citizen.
  • Strategic/consultative capabilities to evaluate and develop working models for future enablement.
  • A strong network of individuals for team building and recruiting for DAOs
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and strong presentation skills with the ability to address audiences ranging from boards of directors to community members.
  • Financial literacy, with the ability to make choices based on financial analysis.
  • Superior motivator and catalyst for driving a results-focused team.
  • Experience managing a remote/distributed team or organization.
  • Anon, Aping, LFG’ing all reasonable and rational criteria
Compensation: Web3 with Web2 Constructs
  • Substantive cash base
  • The company's equity
  • Ownership in each DAO’s token assets
  • Plus: Health/Dental, 401k, 10% dedicated time outside of the company, Unlimited Time Off, Wireless/Health Benefits, Tokens/Learnings every 60 days.
About The Company
The company provides an open-analytics environment for partners such as Terra, Algorand, Solana, FLOW, Sushi, and many others. It is best in class at pipelining and curating data and enabling next-generation applications to enable blockchains to succeed. Through structured bounties, it incentivizes on-demand insights, ecosystem growth, and retention.
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