Technical & VFX Artist - Metaverse Project

  • Date: 27 Mar 2024
  • Location: London
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
The company is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, built to bring digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming to life. Our mission is to empower digital asset ownership for people and businesses. If you get excited by the thought of joining a highly experienced, fast-paced global team that is building the future, this role may be for you.
As a Technical & VFX Artist at the company, you are a hybrid creative and technical operators who liaise between the artist and the programmer teams. They require both visual skills as well as programming knowledge to understand both disciplines and problem solve between departments. A good technical artist will keep the artistic vision intact while working within the limits of the software systems used in in-game production. They work closely with the Game Designer, Lead Artist, and Lead Programmer, advising on technical resources, researching new techniques, maintaining tools and pipelines, and preparing digital files of finished artwork to run efficiently without visual degradation.

  • Mandatory - Work with particle systems to create optimized VFXs
  • Mandatory - Create & Optimize shaders & materials to realize the artistic vision of the game stylistics
  • Mandatory - Porting finished art to the game engine
  • Engine implementation of the game design with the highest level of quality possible.
  • Researching and developing technical tools for a project
  • Setting up workflows of art production
  • Supporting artists and engineers in the 3D art pipeline
  • Assisting in asset performance and validation
  • Solving complex technical issues during development
  • Deciding on what software and tools are required for game production developing and maintaining resources and pipelines along with programmers
  • Working within the limits of the game engine, curating file sizes, polygon counts, and loading speeds
  • Enforcing standards as outlined by heads of departments
  • Preparing and designing character systems such as skeletons, cloths, effect emitters, and ragdoll collision
  • Optimizing environments and establishing physics barriers
  • Researching and overseeing the implementation of rendering techniques
  • Developing performance of frame rate and memory
  • Monitoring the performance of the game
  • Maintaining technical documentation
Required Qualifications:
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills - Good spoken & written English
  • Career training in VFX
  • A strong portfolio or demo reel
  • Solid understanding of art and animation pipelines
  • Familiarity with game systems and the game development process
  • Scripting skills
  • Ability to identify the best tools and software to maximize game delivery
  • Rendering and post-effects experience
  • Understanding of rigging and animation
  • Experience in physics simulations
  • Shader development experience
  • High-level artistic skills - proportion, color, composition
  • Creative mindset and ability to overcome technical challenges
  • Experience in digital art content creation - high and low-poly modeling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art, etc
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with differences between creative and technical teams
Software and other tools used: 
Technical Artists must understand the fundamentals of CGI, modeling, animation, and special effects software as well as a solid knowledge of platforms such as C# and Javascript to be able to integrate assets into the game at the highest quality.
  • Mandatory - Unity Shader Graph
  • Mandatory - Unity Particle Systems
  • Houdini
  • C#, Javascript
  • Python
  • Lua
  • MaxScript
  • Perl
  • Maya
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
  • Substance Painter

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