Rust Developer | CTO | Blockchain

  • Location/s: Australia
  • Availaility: 11 Aug 2022
  • 20 year’s experience designing, delivering and supporting technical solutions in large scale complex systems in Corporate and Federal Government sectors as well as small to medium sized startup ventures
  • Rust, Python, Golang, Typescript, Javascript, Ruby, C, Bash
  • Svelte, VueJs, NodeJs, ReactJs, Ruby On Rails, AngularJs, NextJs, Amplify
  • Solana, NEAR, Ethereum, CosmoSDK, Tendermint, Bitcoin (btcsuite), BinanceChain, libp2p
  • Terraform, Cloudformation, CDK, Helm, Chef, Concourse, Buildkite, Circleci, Heroku CI, Capistrano
  • Postgres, DynamoDB, MYSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elastic Search, MSSQL, levelDB
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