De-fluffing your Resume Bunny


De-fluffing your Resume Bunny

Date: 30 Nov 2018

Fluff is good, on bunnies.  On resumés, perhaps not…….


Relax, we get it:  you've worked hard on your resumé, you've honed it and typed in to it all your good qualities so that this c.v. document fully captures the history, entirety and breadth of your massed good points, your extensive set of past experiences, accomplishments and skills, from both career and side-gig(s).


And, to heap more on, we know your brains trust, mentors and career coaches suggested you include lots of extras about yourself as well, so as to fill out and bulk up your standing as a wide-ranging person who has lustre of all kinds and flavours.


Perhaps in 2017 you sent lots of shill posts in various Telegram channels, so (I guess) that solidifies you as being an ICO Advisor, and so you report those efforts on your resumé, in quantity, too.


We understand: you're proud of all you've done. 


Here's a brutal truth - and we're not saying this here because we want to be nasty to you.  The brutal truth is:  as hot-stuff top shelf recruiters, we each read at least 100 LinkedIn profiles and resumé.pdf files a day.  It would be a rare case where we need to spend more than ten seconds speed reading your c.v./LinkedIn page, scanning it with our over-worked eyes for its inner baseline story.  We mentally rip through your attempt to fluff it up, we instead peel it back, we strip your deets down so as to reveal just the bare, condensed meaty core - non embellished, de-fluffed, the on-point remnants only.


So, forgive us:  imagine if you had to read 100 webpages a day, or 100 magazines, or 100 labels on cereal boxes, you'd get pretty quick at de-fluffment too.


Perhaps the employer will want to see your full, lengthy, detailed resumé.  However, instead, as a recruiter, our need is to single-mindedly and reductively assess if you roughly, kinda, sorta fit the job spec at hand that we're targeting right now.  And we do this by the dozen.  Crunch, chomp, zap:  your fluff is stripped off.


So having to wade through the fluff in order to get to the core just slows your recruiter down and it potentially masks or weakens your applicability;  in our (recruiter-centric) case, more is less.  And, again, some brutal recruiter truthiness:  we 99.9% discount your peripheral add-in text, if it seems to us to detract from your core value proposition to us as a possible on-point candidate.  You ideally ought to have a low fluff-to-signal ratio so as to stand out as a relevant candidate for the role we're sniping for today.


Less fluff, more relevance, is a good recruiter resumé equation.  Set all bunnies free!!


Now you bunnies, get applying to our live positions here.

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