Want to work at Cryptorecruit - Why wouldn't you

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Want to work at Cryptorecruit - Why wouldn't you

Date: 16 Aug 2017

Are you passionate about Crypto and rate yourself as a good networker?

Because they are two main ingredients for being successful in a career at Cryptorecruit.

We have consultants around the globe who work autonomously and remotely recruiting for the industry that they love so much.

So what is involved in a job at Cryptorecruit?

Well there’s more to it but in order to peak your interest here’s a taste of the job description:

  • A minimum of 2 years recruitment or professional services experience
  • Able to win and deliver work.
  • An honest, ethical and professional approach to recruitment.
  • A belief in quality over quantity and an appreciation of the importance of reputational capital
  • You know how to search on Linkedin.
  • You love social media – FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc
  • You can manage yourself – You answer to no one.
  • Non-KPI driven environment that offers support without interference
  • Running your own business within a business
  • Sophisticated tools, technology, and support to help you achieve and exceed expectations.

At Cryptorecruit we are building a community of like minded individuals who want to support the growth of this exciting space. Consultants keep all the profits themselves for very placement they make with a small portion going into the kitty for community engagement and marketing.

Why work at Cryptorecruit?

  • Run your own business and remain autonomous
  • Keep all your profits
  • Leverage a team of like minded individuals around the globe
  • Keep up to date dealing with Senior level decision makers of Cryptocurrency/blockchain projects
  • Help with your own investments
  • Have a common purpose by helping to build a strong community

If you would like a more in depth conversation about working at Cryptorecruit please email me at neil@cryptorecruit.com – Please keep in mind that I am super busy at the moment so only want to hear from people who are genuinely interested.

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