Thriving under Blockchain


Thriving under Blockchain

Date: 18 Oct 2017

Few things in life are more certain than death and taxes.  But as we usher in an era of ever-evolving technological standards, there is room for one more certainty.  Distributed ledger technologies, popularly referred to as the blockchain.  In the US in 2017 alone, over 1000 blockchain startups have opened up shop, offering more than 70,000 positions to qualified programmers, engineers and developers, as well as cybersecurity specialists and IT talent across the country.[1] And it's only October. 


If you’ve made it this far into your job hunt, motivated by either curiosity or by professional expansion, you are probably well aware of not only what blockchain is, but it’s growing presence in FinTech and it’s seemingly infinite use cases.  From increasing transparency in payment systems, to incorruptible voting services, to protecting sensitive patient healthcare data, the blockchain is not going away anytime soon.  But one use case is taking the world by storm, and may soon be the fourth item to add to the list of life’s certainties.  Cryptocurrency. 


Cryptocurrencies are the tradeable assets representing a digital monetary system that operates on blockchain.  If you have recently crossed paths with the sensational stories of Bitcoin, this is what they are talking about.  What gives continuing life to cryptocurrencies (and their insane market value), however, is the innovation of distributed ledger technologies, and it’s growing.  Fast. 


So much so that in the last 10 months, over $2 billion has been raised to deploy tokenized assets on a variety of platforms[2], that would seemingly cease to exist without the high demand labor of front and back end developers, programmers, engineers and security specialists.  Now, assuming you’re a developer, programmer, or cybersecurity expert, the real question is, why aren’t you working in one of the fastest growing professional sectors of this century?[3] 


Before you tell yourself that this job blitz is just a fad, consider this:  As a computer scientist, you have one of the most sought after and highly employable skill sets in the FinTech sector.  The current demand for developers and security specialists in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces far exceeds the availability of such skilled labor.  According to Microsoft Intel’s global IT analysis, 1 million jobs went unfilled from 2014-2016, and that figure is expected to double to 2 million by 2019.  The blockchain space is quite literally starving for your participation. 


Whatever it is that’s impeding your next steps to contributing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, can show you where to begin your career in distributed ledger technology.  At the time of print, the entire cryptocurrency market is valued at about $150 billion[4].  What are you waiting for?


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Guest Contributor and Cryptocurrency advocate - Zachary Wall


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