How I built my multi-million-dollar crypto portfolio without investing a single cent of fiat... Part 2


How I built my multi-million-dollar crypto portfolio without investing a single cent of fiat... Part 2

Date: 06 Dec 2022

... And why I'm still working.

Part 2 of 2

I eventually sold my mining rig, got most of my investment in fiat back, and kept my favorite/valuable cryptos in their respective wallet.

What about the million-dollar portfolio and lessons? Here it comes:

Fast forward a few years and here I am, a French man in New York, realizing the dream I had to become a professional Jazz musician “making it” there.
Fulfilling a dream is priceless but living in New York doesn’t come cheap, I quickly have to find ways to make real money.

In the first half of 2017, I decided to investigate the value of my holdings stored in cold wallets from my mining days. I was sitting on a little fortune, in the shape of a collection of altcoins, which I had forgotten about.

It is hard to describe accurately the relief, the feeling of all problems suddenly vanishing away, the heights reached jumping around, the pride in the eyes of my wife, the instant validation of my past decisions, and that yes, going “all in” with altcoins was indeed worth it.

Maybe the best way to understand how great this feeling is to imagine how bad I felt when I realized I had lost access to most of those wallets. Yup, forgot all the passwords for my “big” wallets. Gone. No money no more. No more pride in my wife’s eyes. Bitcoin failure family tree goes like this: “Pizza” guy, “Bitcoin hard drive thrown in the garbage” guy, and me.

During my mining days, software wallets were the way to go and to be safe from hacks: Set them on an offline computer, strong passphrase, don’t tell anyone, write the phrase on a piece of paper and hide it. As an “over the top” security measure, I didn’t write it down anywhere. After stopping using those 40+ characters passwords for a few years, busy with life, I simply forgot them.

Still to this day, I can still see my crypto fortune securely sitting there, on the Blockchain, untouched for nearly a decade, waiting for me to have a multi-million-dollar memory flashback.

For the record, I spent years trying to remember them by any means: bought a dedicated rig to brute force my own passwords, hired pro hackers, hundreds of billions of attempts, meditation, and even hypnosis. Maybe one day I’ll wake up remembering them, in the meantime, I like to believe that this misadventure is my graceful participation in the scarcity and price soaring of crypto assets, you’re welcome 😉



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