How I built my multi-million-dollar crypto portfolio without investing a single cent of fiat...


How I built my multi-million-dollar crypto portfolio without investing a single cent of fiat...

Date: 05 Dec 2022

.. And why I'm still working

Part 1 of 2

In this post I'll be sharing with you, dear reader, some of the most valuable and expensive lessons I've learned through my early crypto journey.

It all starts in 2012 when after reading an article about Bitcoin for the second time I decide to do some research and inevitably go down the rabbit hole. Tech, money, internet, revolution, future, hope: I had to be part of this, cryptos ticked all my boxes.

I didn't have any money to put in. I was studying music during the day and performing at night, making enough to live but not to invest. I had to go the smart way, which appeared to be mining altcoins and trading them for BTC. After all, GPU mining rigs were some sort of hardcore gaming setups that could be sold after using them.

I went ahead and built my first tiny rig with only 1 GPU, the only thing I could barely afford, betting I would expand to industrial levels quickly. When you're not in a position to invest big, the only way to succeed is to be ahead of the pack, which in my case meant finding promising projects that were about to launch, getting the corresponding wallet, preparing the rig to mine the coin and launch the miner the very second the coin goes live, like a ninja, to take advantage of the low difficulty mining rewards. This worked, and soon enough my earnings were converted into more GPUs, which lead to more earnings, which lead to more GPUs, up until my living room became a tropical paradise filled with heating GPUs, noisy power supplies, fans spreading the smell of overclocked electronics in an attempt to cool it all down, nearly no downtime. "Scale-up slowly but surely" was my motto.

Litecoin, Feathercoin, Goldcoin, Earthcoin, Blackcoin, Redcoin, Whitecoin, the list goes on and on... Reading, analyzing, deciding, setting, ninja mining, hit and run, in and out, rinse and repeat, trade the losers and keep the keepers, get your investment back and keep the extra profit rolling.

This became a habit, a ritual, until that day. The day the first meme-based coin was announced, the coin for the internet people, the coin that would help the human race go back to the moon, the coin that was so much of a joke that I had to put my entire rig directed to it the second it came out: Dogecoin. Wow, such many coins. Applying religiously the proven method, I mined millions of them within the first minutes, calculating for fun how much money this would represent if this would go to the promised moon. "Don't underestimate the hype" was my main point to defend this project and myself, as no one in my surroundings seemed to understand my excitement for this. One must listen to their gut feelings, so I kept most of my Doge, resisting trading them for BTC for years, 10cts being my Grail-like target, my ticket to the moon...



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