To DevOps or not to DevOps, that is the question. A voyage into DevOps from the perspective of the Blockchain space.


To DevOps or not to DevOps, that is the question. A voyage into DevOps from the perspective of the Blockchain space.

Date: 24 Oct 2018

I work with a fair amount of Blockchain projects. I see them come and I see them go. But only recently have I become aware of the DevOps style of software engineering but even in this short time, I can see the value of DevOps approach can deliver to the project. The combination of the Development and Operations team knocking down organization barriers and dramatically cutting down development and response times is an ingenious idea in my book.

From a combination of my experience and the people I’ve asked this value can appear in the form of:

Feedback: There is an increase in speed and responsiveness to how quickly your project is able to resolve changes in the field. The DevOps approach helps build a better bridge between your operations and engineering allowing them to speak the same language using tool driven processes. Shorter cycles means breaking down walls which means addressing issues faster. In addition the ability to allow persistent delivery in a reliable and speedy manner because of live monitoring from your tools will help correct problems in real time.

Speed to market: Being able to acquire and utilise new tools and technology more quickly creates a tighter, more positive feedback loop, reinforcing the process. A shorter feedback loop results in a higher quality of product and service as well as the ability to fix bugs quick so downtime is drastically reduced. The presence of a pipeline and automation allows you to shorten the time to value, ship smaller components as well as see how they behave while at the same time rollbacks are less complex and can be automated.

Mean-Time-To-Resolution: The combination of technical capability from the developer side and the analytical strength of operations allows a problem to be addressed much more easily with greater agility. There is a greater degree of standardization while retaining agility and the presence of a stable framework and testing platform for development will help address insecure code through the usage of container deployment.

But any individual with a black and white linear view of world can claim its benefits one after the other without any downside.

DevOps involves a drastic culture shift and its implementation is no simple task due to the difficulty of finding good experienced DevOps experts. Also the compatibility of your work environment should be a good fit with DevOps before making the change, if you’ve got a tight schedule with a huge volume of releases with the possibility of urgent changes then consider DevOps. If you have a low volume of releases e.g. only a few a year and speed is not critical then Devops may be more hassle than it's worth.

And for your DevOps wizards out there, I’ve got some very interesting opportunities in the Blockchain space you’re definitely going to want to hear about so don’t be shy. On the other hand if you’re a blockchain project or if you’re just seeking experienced DevOp veterans, send me a message and we here at CryptoRecruit are experts in the Blockchain space and would love to help you with any needs you have. If you need them, we’ve got them.

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