Top tips to NOT GET FIRED from a remote job


Top tips to NOT GET FIRED from a remote job

Date: 01 Feb 2023

Top tips to NOT GET FIRED from a remote job

The overwhelming reason why people get fired from a remote role is because the boss feels they are paying good money and the employee is doing nothing.

Imagine if you hired a plumber to fix your toilet. Paid them, and 2 weeks later the toilet is still broken… how would you feel…?

It’s a complete cop out to say that the boss should be properly managing the employees. It will also be little comfort to those that find themselves fired from their remote role because the boss suspects they are bludging.

Below are the top tips for remote workers to not get fired. They are just as relevant for C suite roles as they are for admin or sales roles.

1. When the boss says “hop” you say “how high”

If the boss tells you specifically to do something… then do it. Or at least provide progress reports and evidence that it is currently being done

2. If the boss messages you, get back to them instantly

3. If the boss calls make sure to answer

4. Message your boss at least twice a day - Ideally with some sort of good news or progress update

5. Keep track of all the tasks you do in a tracker spreadsheet

6. Make sure to keep a shared folder with documents you’re working on so that they can clearly see your output

7. Make sure your boss is well aware of the work you are doing

8. If you live with family or friends, make sure they are completely aware that you are working and they don’t think that just because you are at home you are free to do odd jobs, errands and help out around the house.

9. Make sure you have a designated workspace in the house and that nobody disturbs you while you’re there

10. Do not post on social media during the time you are supposed to be working

11. Do not try to pull the wool over your bosses eyes and have two supposedly full time jobs at the same time


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