Why should a startup crypto project use a recruiter?


Why should a startup crypto project use a recruiter?

Date: 21 Aug 2018

I consider myself pretty handy. If something breaks in my house, I try to fix it. If there’s a leak, I’ll patch it.


However, I understand that some jobs require a particular level of skill and experience, and if I don’t have it I have no hesitation in hiring someone that does. A pipe bursts and my house is flooding? I’m bypassing my tool bag and going straight to a plumber.


In my eyes, the reason for doing this is pretty obvious; they’ll do the repair better, faster, and more efficiently than I can, and as a side-bonus I get to avoid spending my time knee-deep in water. Yes, I’ll end up paying for the work, but considering this is something I’ll literally be living with for years to come that’s a price I’m more than happy to bear.


Now, what confuses me is this; why do some people not apply the exact same logic to their business? If I’m a developer for example, and my skillset is with code, why would I spend my time focusing on recruitment? If making intelligent, focused hires is outside my area of expertise, why would I not hire someone specialised in the task to do it for me?


I’m particularly baffled when this happens with start-ups; your company/project is at its most vulnerable, every decision could make or break you, and every person you bring into the fold will impact and shape your business for years to come… but you want to divert your time and attention from doing what you do best and instead spend it focusing on recruitment? So you can what, save a bit of money?


That’s insane!


Even if you have a hiring team in-house, it’s still worth investigating outside help. Finding quality candidates is tough, competition is fierce, and as a start-up you have to recognise that people who sign on with you are essentially choosing to take a risk that they don’t really have to (if a prospective new hire has great potential for you, you can bet they’d also do pretty great with someone else who’s already well-established and stable). Also keep in mind that forming a close relationship with your recruiter will set them on a path to selling your business as to the reasons why a candidate should choose you over the other opportunities they have. This part of the process while it would seem obvious is key to getting the right candidates in front of you.


At Cryptorecruit, this is where we excel.


As the world’s first recruitment agency specialising in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space - our services are tailor-made for blockchain startups. We understand the sector, we’ve got the experience, and we know how to find the best candidates. All of our recruiters first and foremost have been in Crypto for years NOT since the hype in 2017, We’re already working with a number of leading global brands across blockchain, we recruit from the Technical level to the Executive, and we’ve designed our business to ensure we have a global reach. Finding quality talent, weeding out those that aren’t a great fit, and convincing the most promising candidates to take a chance with a project that’s just starting out is what we do best. We are one of the major driving forces acting as a conduit for the migration of quality candidates from traditional industry to the Blockchain space.


Still thinking about pinching pennies?


You don’t pay anything until you’ve hired our candidate and they’ve proven they have what it takes. Just having a chat with us and seeing what we can offer is free. And you also get a guarantee on your investment.


So please, view your hiring policy for what it really is; an investment, both in the amount of your own time that you can save, and the return you’ll get when you let someone with the right skillset do it for you.


Stop standing knee-deep in water, thinking the best option is to bail it out yourself.


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