Why You Should Love Your Recruiter


Why You Should Love Your Recruiter

Date: 05 Dec 2018

Imagine yourself doing all these things:


  • I want you to spend years finding then dealing with people from all over the globe:  240 work-days per year, seven hours a day
  • I want you to phone or email or chat with the thousands of people you identify/find, spend time to understand them, their strengths, their talents, their capabilities
  • I want you to then spend time searching on their behalf, wandering around finding a possible home for them
  • I want you to advocate for them:  pitch them to a series of strangers, so as to gain attention for them
  • I want you to 'go into bat' on their behalf, sell them/promote them, sweat for them, just on the hope that the audience might, just might - if you're very lucky- want to hear more about them, amongst the dozens or hundreds of other candidates being pitched at them in a cacophony of inputs.

And do all that for free on their behalf (as job seeking candidates).


You read that right:  do all that, for them, on their behalf, for free.


You might say to us:  "geez, CryptoRecruit, cry me a river - if it's that thankless, then stop doing it, get out of the industry."  Or only work on a Retain basis (where the employer has to pay us an up-front commencement/partial fee, to secure our search effort).


We're not saying the above for sympathy:  what I'm attempting to point out is that, as job seeking candidates, you get to use the services of a crypto-industry-only recruiter FOR FREE, ZILCH, NADA, ZACK, BUPKISS, so why aren’t you all beating our door down, begging us to find you that better/perfect role you deserve?  Think of us as leverage or efficiency multiplier, a way to get yourself some optionality:  we vastly extend your reach, we automate, we cover more ground, we give you massive free positive upside, we know more industry people, we know the hot spots, we’ve trodden all the paths and looked under all the stones.  As a candidate, you get that FOR FREE from us.


Indulge me as I re-emphasise:  just by working with us and being nice to us, we will work FOR FREE on your behalf as a candidate to find you a new home in the crypto/blockchain industry.  [ Sure, some lucky hiring employer pays CryptoRecruit eventually, but nonetheless, as recruiters we do all the above for candidates purely on the mere hope we can eventually place you somewhere.  No guarantee to us in the meantime. ]


Your lawyer bills you per hour.  Your plumber and dentist bill you.  Your hairdresser, your dog walker, your social media publicist, they all bill you.  It's only your cryptorecruiter who will work on your behalf, applying their professionally-gained experience and skills, FOR FREE to you as our job-seeking candidate. 


Given this unique basis, why aren't you taking advantage of our model, and tasking us with finding you that next, better, job role?  You can have the world's bestest, most plugged in cryptorecruitment firm, working on your behalf to fast-forward your search through loads of potential new employers FOR FREE.  To access this vast treasure stash of cryptorecruiting willingness, reach, shortcuts and go-fast's, you just have to say 'yes please'.  Call us now and let's get started for you.


[ And spruce up your resume as you get ready to speak to us:  see here.]


Image courtesy:  https://www.icopilots.com/innovation-strategy/corporate-incubation/writing-corporate-incubation-playbook-part-2-12076/attachment/optionality-merkapt

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