How to hire a quality Product Manager in Web 3?

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How to hire a quality Product Manager in Web 3?

Date: 23 Dec 2022

Hiring a product manager is an important decision for any organization because the product manager defines and implements the product strategy. Here are some tips for finding the best product manager:

1. Clearly define the role and responsibilities, including the skills and experience required to succeed in the position.

For example, you might say that "Must have engineering background and super strong tech Blockchain understanding".

2. A good product manager should be able to think strategically and understand the big picture of the product and the market.

You will be in charge of the vision, strategy, and execution. This position offers the opportunity to make a significant business and customer impact.

3. Look for strong collaboration skills:

A great product manager must work closely with product designers and engineers to launch incredibly simple-to-use solutions while solving complex problems. It helps if you have a knack for getting 'Jobs to Be Done' in the midst of the chaos.

4. Consider practical experience and a track record of success:

While a strong educational foundation is essential, practical experience is also beneficial. Candidates with experience launching successful products or working on a product team in the past, as well as a track record of driving sales and revenue, should be considered. For instance, 3-5 years of Product Management experience with fast-paced product tracks, preferably with Enterprise SaaS offerings in the past, would be an excellent fit.

If you're looking to hire a product manager, then you probably already know it's not an easy task. Finding the right candidate is crucial to the success of your new product, but finding them can be a challenge.

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