The Crypto Winter - Why this is an ideal time to be hiring in crypto

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The Crypto Winter - Why this is an ideal time to be hiring in crypto

Date: 07 Dec 2018

The Crypto Winter - Why this is an ideal time to be hiring in crypto


What does Über do when demand exceeds supply? They introduce a great but obvious concept called “Surge Pricing”.  Über has in the past received (negative) attention around the meme of 'surge pricing' practices - where, at peak demand times, Über can easily extract higher fare price results from their repeat customers - you and me - by knowing when we're likely to cave in and just accept a higher fare than other times.  Hit 'em whilst you know for sure (thanks, GPS and cookies) they're vulnerable, one might say.


Well, smarter crypto industry organisations know that times of perceived weakness - e.g. the current Dec2018 'down market' - are precisely the time when they can avoid the 'peak demand > so premiums arise' phenomena that undoubtedly exists at market tops and that thus force you to compete harder to be heard, force surge premiums on you and that - and here's my major spin on this - cut in half the attention that the marketplace can afford to place on your cause.  When everyone is shouting, your voice carries less far in the room, and less people hear it.

As a crypto business/employer, you can either:


  • Wait for another December 2017 insane peak time, and try to invest/acquire your business's resources at the same time everyone else is paying a surge premium for them then, thus you're in a bidding war and the premium will halve your chances/halve the reach of your voice/cut in half who pays you attention then.  The Halvening.

  • Or: open you chequebook/recruitment cycle now, when the market is quieter, and thus avoid that premium/get twice as much for the same spend/hire heads that at other times are 'locked up'.  Now is when you have maximal buying power to dictate terms for your input acquisitions (the ball is in the buyer's court) and (and here's my point) when prize-winning icebergs that were previously locked up are thus now floating more freely through less crowded waters, seeking new homes.  You can get access now to things, resources, media attention, people and ideas that were previously 'locked up' or too scarce or too 'price-multipled' at the peak demand moment.  The thaw of a market slowdown brings miracle access to otherwise previously inaccessible/over-demanded treasures.

Dec2018/Jan2019 is precisely the best time to do all the things that were surge-premium-stricken in Dec 2017/Jan2018:

- launch new business units
- increase your operation's scale
- launch new products/refactor things
- pay for media/social eyeballs
- buy ads, buy coverage, buy attention generally
- and - CryptoRecruit's favourite - hire new staff.  Freshly thawed, now accessible: premium candidates for you to hire, on non-surge (cheaper!) terms.


Right now is when heads, eyeballs and attention spans are at their relative non-surge, non-premiumed cheapest, when there are goodies on offer previously locked away, when your window for attracting attention from superstar players is at its most prime, most accessible - it's draft season!


A great example are HBUS, spending for this ad so as to attract talent, eyeballs and attention.



As crypto-industry only recruiters, CryptoRecruit can play our part in helping you access talent that was probably previously locked away on a passion project and/or premium surge-priced.  Call us now for a friendly and on-point discussion.


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